Netflix Alternative

Cheaper netflix alternative

Netflix is probably the most used online movie streaming service in the world but due to it’s popularity it is starting to experience technical problems. Along with this the price seems to be increasing every year and I can imagine in the not too distance future they will start creating multiple plans all at different prices.

The question is, is there a cheaper alternative to Netflix? The answer is a positively yes!

The service that pretty much started this craze over 10 years ago is still going strong and offers incredible value for money. The service is called Movies Capital and it offers access to thousands of movies just like Netflix but it gives you much more freedom.

The main features include:

* Access to a movie library of thousands 
* Unlimited movie downloads
* Create DVD copies of your downloads
* Compatible with 99% of mobile devices including iPad and iPhone
* Available in ALL countries

The main difference between Netflix and Movies Capital is that with Movies Capital you actually download the movie to your computer rather than streaming them online.

This has many advantages over streaming services including the following:

* Burn movies to DVDs to create your own movie collection
* Watch the movies on your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, etc)
* No need to worry about bandwidth limits

The best part of the service is that it is a one-off payment for unlimited movie downloads, this means there are no monthly costs to worry about.

Netflix alternative